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Child/Adoles Mental Hlth Stds
Jennifer Kuk

The Science of Happiness  01/28/2014 * Highlighted is on Midterm* >>Well­being >>Change >>Positive Excellence  Experiential learning: making learning from direct experience Positive phycology:  Three Pillars Bottom line: Until the 1940’s, psychology had 3 distinct missions: >Curing mental illness >Exploring how to foster more fulfilling and productive lives >Understanding and developing high potential And then came WWII And two pillars disappeared… Curing mental illness Humanistic Psychology  Abraham Maslow Central figure in Hum. Pscych. History of Positive Psych. Problems with hum. Psych. Empirical base was limited Gave rise to the development of numerous self­help movements  01/28/2014 HW: 3 good things for a better day 1) A good cry after being stressed 2) Eating food I’ve been craving—Chinese food for breakfast 3) Surrounded in good company and therefore not aware of anything not positive in my life everything is about relief, or forgetting by being occupied by something else. Dashboards and Constructs Positive emotions Engagement Relationships Meaning Achievements ­­ Seligman, 2011 PANAS: positive affect + negative affect scale­ measures something= SWB: World Happiness Report: Recitations  01/28/2014 Fatima Sheikh Science of Happiness Recitation 005 2014 Recitation 1 One of the main reasons I decided to take this course was because I have never taken a phycology course and I definitely didn’t want to experience college without at least one course that is tangential to the subject. My best thoughts about what we learned in the first week of classes are endless because this is my first exposure to everything we learned. The class taught me a different understanding of human nature—a new way to study and analyze emotions and behavior. It’s fascinating to be able to understand how and why we are the way we are in the present. For example, how the world war has affected so many people, or natural diseases involuntarily given to a person such as mental illness and its cure changed the course of psychology. Recitation 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 1. Supportive 1. Comfort of 1. Family 1. Niece became 1. Birth of friends faith and religion my “best friend” cousin’s daughter today 2. Visiting a non- 2. Love from 2. Comfort of 2. Dove ice 2. Family movie profits strangers outdoor nature cream bars. Wow night 3. Determination 3. Community 3. Food!!! 3. Finding a new 3. Reunited with feeling good place to eat. my bes
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