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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food & Identity: Food and Gender Day 1 April 2nd, 2013 Covered Readings:DeVault, Marjorie, “Conflict and Deference” (F&C) Carrington, Christopher, “Feeding Lesbigay Families” (F&C) Reminder: Memory Assignment Due April 18th (Be meaningful, deep, tied to your past/identity, well-developed, “not just i like oreos/twinkies” All midterms will be returned by next week I. Gender vs Sex  Gender is a social construct whereas Sex is a biological fact o E.g. Born a man but act/align with female/femininity and vice versa II. Gendered Foods  Darker, rich foods usually = manlier, stronger  Sweets/Simple Sugars= feminine. Inc. fro-yogurt, fruit, ice cream, other desserts  Protein linked to male (hunter roots-meat-protein-male)  The Atkins Diet allows women to eat steak and other stereotypically man-food. o Empowers them, gives them control over what to eat while still being able to embrace feminine side  Economic/Material side: Historically and in some cultures today, meat reserved for men due to cost, availability, and necessity for good nutrition after laborious work.  Restaurants are designed and intended for a target group(s) o Perform a gender space, marketed w/intention to male/female (Cupcake shops may be decorated with frilly, pink things, mini-items)  Skin on or off, grilled or fried: preparation method imply different genders  Nowadays, gendered foods still largely hold although some men would prefer a salad over a burger if that is what they want. III. Gendered Wo
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