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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food & Identity: Food and Gender Day 2 April 4th, 2013 Covered Readings: Parasecoli, Fabio, “Feeding Hard Bodies: Food and Masculinities in Men’s Fitness Magazines” (F&C) Deutsch, Jonathan, “Please Pass the Chicken Tits”: Rethinking Men and Cooking at an Urban Firehouse” (WEB) Beoku-Betts, Josephine, “’We Got Our Way of Cooking Things’: Women, Food, and Preservation of Cultural Identity Among the Gullah” (USA) I. Gendered Symbolic Meanings II. Gender & Cooking III. Heritage vs Efficiency Women- nurture and pass on values through cooking food Men tend to make only leisurely food (weekend, holidays) as opposed to obligatory (everyday life) John Deutsch- Ph.d. of Food studies @NYU, cooked professionally, fits in with firefighters (similar build, friendly)  Ethnography of firehouse: most are White (Italian-Americans and Irish- Americans), consider themselves as working class, working in affluent community.  Firefighter schedule is similar to a Japanese mother making Obentos o Starting to plan as early as 6:30pm and ending at 11pm, huge time investment o Process of cooking creates camaraderie as opposed to proving self to state/school  They make food associated w/ housewives, not stereotypical “man-food” (BBQ, burgers, steak). o Material: Unpractical to watch fire, clean up, cater to each person’s liking of doneness. o Mental: Want to show man can do hard work (man’s work) and cook (woman’s work), want to keep community and togetherness, act the woman’s role of cooking in the absence of a woman cook.  Tend to mock and tease in a sexualized way, mimic female behavior, gestures--> sexual insecurity/need to assert masculinity as seen in Carrington Lesbigays reading.  Lie to wives b/c they 1. don’t want to be seen as feminine/different from norm, and 2. wives may want them to cook domestically  Place and context heavily influences gender/how one acts Parasecoli- associate professor and coordinator of food studies at
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