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New York University
Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food and Identity: Food and Race 2 March 29, 2013 Covered Readings: Bentley, Amy, “Islands of Serenity: Gender, Race, and Ordered Meals During World War II” (USA) Poe, Tracey, “The Origins of Soul Food in Black Urban Identity: Chicago, 1915-1947” (USA)  1960s- social chaos, marginalized people gain power o Women, blacks, non-whites  Norman Rockwell held up a mirror to Americans, produced an ideal image (Freedom from Want, oversized turkey) Amy Bentley  Bentley is a historian, uses pamphlets, propaganda images as texts.  Starts of focusing on stories of inequality between men and women, later realizes race is also a prominent theme.  Thanksgiving is very American, includes all Americans but excludes non- Americans whereas Christmas is not an American-only tradition, and it is more for Christians. o It is a plentiful feast that demonstrates abundance and wealth.  WWII disrupted the family structure- men went off the war and women took on more responsibilities. o Propaganda such as Freedom from Want contrast with actual happenings  Status quo (man=breadwinner, blacks subservient/low status vs Men at war, women getting jobs, children possibly neglected to an extent, blacks getting slightly more opportunities to advance, especially black women  Abundance and wealth vs rationing of food, devotion of resources to war  4 Freedoms: Fear, speech, and worship- civil liberties, norms of democratic society And, want – part of consumerism and capitalism. Social Status Black Women #4 Big Increase White Women #2 Decrease Gained more jobs due to increase in Gained more responsibilities
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