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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

FOOD AND RELIGION 3/5/13 i) acculturation through rebellion ii) acculturation through conversrion iii) religion within race iv) spirituality vs religion why is ham associated with Christianity? - non biblical… Christmas ham. easter ham.. - historically this comes from… the fact that you cant eat ham in Judaism. ^ early Christians had to define themselves for what they are. a new group coming out of an older institution and they established themselves by showing what they are NOT ie. Christians who eat ham are CLEARLY showing themselves as NOT jewish TUCHMAN + LEVINE: - sociologists - interviewed friends, family etc. mentalist: COSMOPOLITAN safe treyf FIRST: America was very much a white anglo-saxon country then the irish started coming in because of the potato famine (they are considered a different race?!) other Europeans start coming in next 2 big groups: EASTERN EUROPEAN JEWS + ITALIANS big groups of Chinese settled in California. 1880-1920: immigration plateaued and dropped after a huge increase. why?? people stopped emigrating. whole XENOPHOBIA thing going on. fear of foreigners. immigration laws were established. do we ever eat stuff that we KINDA know what we’re eating but we camouflage it?? eg. HOT DOGS. think about ALL the ingredients in it. but you don’t wana think about it and you still eat it anyway eg. blood pudding (kinda like a sausage) -> when we eat something unethical (eg. foie gras), when we eat something unhealthy (mcd’s) so in this sense we have selective diets. *JEWS HAVE SELECTIVE RELIGIOUSITY Italian restaurants weren’t a friendly environment because i) lots of Christian imagery ii) different dietary practices (meat+milk) iii) italian restaurants were catered toward Italians whereas chinese restos i) interesting designs/interior/decorations ii) lots of minced meats; cant really see iii) chinese were of lower social status than jews and they felt safe there iv) chinese aren’t fond of milk either Chinese = lower on social order … Jews finally had someone to look down on; they were the lowest of the low (even under Jews and Italians, who were already of low status) because they looked MORE different -> looked immensely different -> came over to do labor work; occupation? -> newest group in new york (they came from cali instead of china) *SLIPPERY SLOPE BETWEEN THE TERMS ETHINICITY, RELIGION and RACE -> can we say Christianity is an ethnic group? ... its so large that there are small fractions/groups within Christianity that could be defined ethnically. *SELECTIVE RELIGIOSITY: - difference between humans and animals is that we have brains and we can make rational, conscious decisions. SINGER: - studies Hare Krishna; not sure whether this is a rel
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