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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food and Identity Food, Memory, and Nostalgia Tuesday April 16th, 2013 Covered Readings: Proust, Marcel, “Madeleine” excerpt (WEB) De Silva, Cara, ed. In Memory's Kitchen: A Legacy from the Women of Terezin (WEB) I. Taste & Memory II. Memory in Food Writing III. Role of Memory IV. Memory vs Nostalgia V. Cookbook Categories VI. Cooking+ memory  Types of Taste- innate, acquired (bitter, spicy... e.g. liver, coffee, onions, alcohol), remembered, fantasized (imagined, using base knowledge of ingredients, preparation) DeSilva  Look into concentration camp Terezin made up of selected "creative" Jews o They would first define themselves as artists ,composers, from X city or family  The Jews write, discuss, banter recipes, traditional foods. o "Cooking by the mouth" This helps to preserve their lineage, tradition. o Food acts as an identifier, remember better times, cope with situation, inspire sense of hope, distract from hunger.  Women traditionally had household roles involving food preparation. o Being displaced into the unfamiliar and harsh conditions of the concentration camp took away their dignity and personal agency (they were given strict rations). o Talking about food helps to keep gender roles, have a unique identity (through personal foodways) and create order and familiarity - structuralism.  Materialist/mentalist: Documents are referred to but the importance is in the way they reveal overarching themes of personal agency, and identity. o The fact that food is used to maintain community and order demonstrates how
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