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Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food and Identity Thursday April 18th, 2013 Food, Memory, and Nostalgia 2 Covered Readings: Sutton, David, “Cooking Skills, the Senses and Memory” (F&C) Sutton, David, “Cooking Skills, the Senses and Memory” (F&C) Siskind, Janet, “The Invention of Thanksgiving: A Ritual of American Nationality” (USA) Berzok, Linda Murray, “My Mother’s Recipes: The Diary of a Swedish American Daughter and Mother” (WEB) I. Taste Memory/ Cooking Memory II. Imagined Culture III. Multiple Truths Sutton- anthropologist  Look at how tools are manipulated by people (not merely tools themselves like archaeologists), affect of technology (fresh pasta vs packaged), look at the future and past.  A loss of memory skills, no instinctive connection between foods  Has somewhat of an upbeat tone, embraces and acknowledges the role of technology in this day and age but he hopes for a better way to maintain a connection to memory and skill o Technology may help us broaden our choices, rediscover certain tastes, foods, and memories. Greater availability, so called terroir tastes.  Sidney Mintz would probably say that our overreliance on technology will be the demise of our cultural skill and perhaps, culture itself. Linda Berzok  Has a nostalgic longing for her mother who recently died. o Tries to define self and trace Swedish roots. o 1st generation said to hold on to tradition, 2nd said to push away, 3rd said to rediscover  Discovers lack of Swedish recipes in her mother's old trunk of recipes. o Gateway into the lives of those before us. o Many are Jell-O based recipes- elaborate molds that encapsulate fruits, nuts, etc.  Her mother seemed to try to find her own identity o Push-pull between adopting foreign culture and keeping tradition. o Tried to assimilate, avoid being the Other- perform national identity, dominant c
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