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New York University
Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food and Identity Culture of Disgust 2 May 2nd, 2013 Covered Readings: Rozin, Paul, “Food is Fundamental, Fun, Frightening, and Far Reaching” (WEB) Announcements: Final Exam: Cumulative, long essay format, probably greater focus on second half of semester (post-midterm), Final Review on the 9th during recitation (not mandatory, bring notes, syllabus, questions), Suggestion: make a family tree of connections. Clark, Dylan, “The Raw and the Rotten” (F&C) I. What Determines Disgust  Disgust is physiological (gag, cringe, nausea) and cultural (associations with animal nature, uncultured, death) II. Rozin- neutral eating?  Rozin- psychologist, reputed for studying disgust  Rozin believes that the mind creates positive or negative associations to foods.  A value system is attached to food, imbed notions of health.  Believes that disgust is often due to a food's origins, not necessarily the food's form/being (worms are from dirt/mud)  Many find used clothing disgusting - disgust of the unknown, intimacy, connection to stranger's body, self-contamination. III. Related themes: food choice, fear, associations, human/animal divide  Kids learn what is disgusting.  We are predisposed to sweetness while we acquire enjoyment of bitter foods.  Omnivore's paradox (Fischler)- there is
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