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New York University
Food Studies
FOOD-UE 1051
Jennifer Berg

Food Avoidance and Food Aversion 2 Thursday April 25th, 2013 I. Fat and Moral Panic Julier is a sociologist who looks at the political economy of obesity.  Society, mainstream media, and workplace discriminate against the fat. o There is a moral panic; people say there is an "obesity epidemic" that needs to be solved. o Certain aspects and sectors of society stand to benefit from obesity. II. Eating disorders and gender  Anorexia has existed for hundreds of years.  In Bynum's piece, Lidwina's food avoidance unearths fragility in clergy, who are literate, have money and land, and are male.  Lidwina's body stops functioning normally. Instead it secretes healing fluids, and sheds magical skin/body parts. o Religious women, lower than her on the scale, rally behind her. They find empowerment in someone above them. o The upper echelons of society are challenged because Lidwina emerges as a prominent figure, and a source of salvation, control, and hope. The clergy attempts to discredit her feats and trick her. Bruch- Psychiatrist (MD). Sees body as a machine.
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