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Homer Iliad NOTES Book one  “No, it is not for the sake of some vow or hecatomb he blames us, but for the sake of his priest whom Agamemnon dishonored and would not give him back his daughter nor accept the ransom.” (77) prophet  “I wish greatly to have her in my own house; since I like her better than Klytaimestra my own wife…still I am willing to give her back, if such is the best way. I myself desire that my people be safe, not perish. Find me then some prize that shall be my own, lest I only among the Argives go without, since that were unfitting” (78) son of Atreus (Agamemnon)  Achilleus: “Son of Atreus, most lordly, greediest for gain of all men”  Agamemnon “What do you want? To keep your own prize and have me sit here lakcing one?” (78)  “O wrapped in shamelessness, with your mind forever on profit” (79) (Achilleus)  Achileus – “ But Achilleus weeping went and sat in sorrow apart from his companions” (84) “Now the son of Atreus, powerful Agamemnon has dishonored me, since he has taken away my prize and keeps it” (84)  “So he spoke in tears” (84)   it was not unmanly for heroes to weep under the pressures of greif and loss, he restrained his tears till he finds solitude. Book nine  Agamemnon- “Let us all be won over; let us run away with our ships to the beloved land of our fathers since no longer now shall we capture Troy of the wide ways”
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