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Thucydides history of the Peloponnesian war notes.docx

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Thucydides history of the Peloponnesian war notes Book 1 • History of the war fought between Athens and Sparta • Battle of Marathon fought btw the 2 • Later join together in short alliance for war but later quarrles at war with each other • Persian war till begin of Peloponnesian war some intervals of peace • Real reason for war was the growth of Athenian power and the fear by that caused in Sparta The Dispute over Epidamnus • Colony of Corcyra founded by Phalius • City became both powerful and populous but later followed many years of poltical unrest caused by war with foreign inhabitants of the country • Democrats in the city drove out aristocratic party who then went to “ foreign armies of the city and joined them in making piratical attacks on it both by sea and by land” (49) • Democrats beg Corcyra to prevent them from perishingppl ofCorcyra refused • Realize no help from Corcyra “They therefore sent to Delphi to inquire from the god whether they should hand over their city to the Corinthians” (50) • “the reply from Delphi was that they should hand over their city and accept the leadership of Corinth. So, in obedience to the oracle, they sent to Corinth, and made over the colony to the Corinthians” (50) • Corcyraeans discover colony had been “handed over to Corinth, they reacted violently” (51) “demand Epidamnians” “send way the troops and settlers that had come from Corinth.” • Corcyraeans won against the CorinthiansCorcyra had complete control of the seas in her own area The dispute over Corcyra • Corinthians build navy • CORCYRAAlarmed since they had no allies in Hellas to go to Athens to join the Athenian alliance • Corinthians also sent reps to Athens • Corinthians trying to convince Athens say about Corcyra “as it is, their arrogance and the confidence they fell in their wealth have made them act improperly towards us on numerous occasions, and in particular with regard to Epidamnus, which belongs to us.” (59) • “When this place was in distress, they took no steps towards bringing it under their control; but as soon as we came to relieve it, they forcibly took possession of it, and still hold it” (59) • Corinthians Try to convince Athens “And you will find that an act of kindness done at the right moment has a power to dispel old grievances quite out of proportion to the act itself” (61) • Athens made alliance with Corcyra • Corinthians wons The dispute over Potidaea • Dispute btw Athens and the Peloponnesecontribute to outbreak of war • Potidaeans revolts against AthensCorinthians pair
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