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Lecture 11

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Missus Dominicus, Alcuin, Social Stratification

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1. The geography of Europe
Europe has lots of coastline, giving it lots of trade opportunity
It is right near Asia and Africa, giving it even more trade opportunity
Lots of natural resources (good land for crops, underground mineral
resources, food)
2. The Germanic Kingdom
a. Clovis
a.i. Clovis was the king of the Franks (most powerful kingdom in
a.ii. He converted to Christianity
a.ii.1. This was important because Christianity attracted
people and it was a tool connecting Clovis and the people of
a.ii.2. It helped unite the Franks
a.iii. He conquered Gaul (used to belong to the romans)
b. Charles Martel
b.i. He lead the French and defeated the Muslims in the battle of Tours
b.ii. Because of this victory, he and his family got a sense of holiness
c. Battle of Tours
c.i. This was when the French defeated the Muslim army in 732 AD
c.ii. Christian Europe saw this as a symbol that God was on their side
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