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Lecture 8

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Diocletian

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Why would Christianity appeal to the Roman people?
Christianity appealed to the Roman people because “god has no
Those who were oppressed had a chance  If they were devout, then
despite their social status they could go to heaven
a. Outside of growing popularity, what legally changed the status of Christianity
in the Roman empire?
Constantine made the Edict of Milan in 313, making being a Christian
b. What is the hierarchy of the early Christian Church?
Pope: Head of the Roman church (western bishops)
Patriarch: Bishop in a major city
Bishop: Controlls a certain diocese
Priest: Under a bishop, has a certain parish
2. Unit 4 Day 12
a. How did struggles for power after the Pax Romana display internal discord in
the Roman Empire?
Many emperors were assassinated or killing during war time
Many men claimed they were emperor at once
Instability and chaos!!!!!
b. How did Emperor Diocletian affect the Roman Empire?
Geographic reform: Split the Roman Empire into the East and the West
Christianity: Persecuted Christians
Economy: Since the value of coins was so bad, workers were paid in
kind “by kind deeds”
c. How did Constantine expand on Diocletian’s reforms?
Constantine made Constantinople the capital
This shifted the power from the west to the east
He allowed Christianity
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