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Lecture 4

HIST-UA 157 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Foot Binding, Silk Road, Trebuchet

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1. What does foot binding suggest about the status of women in Song Dynasty
China? (U8D7)
-In Song China, foot binding was thought of as beautiful
-Foot binding was a status symbol (men would get props for having foot bound
-It was a sign of social division/higher class (foot binding meant the family was
rich enough to not have the daughter work)
-Women used to be seen as more powerful, since they were supposed to take
care of the family if the men were incompetent, and if they were wealthy, help her
husband’s family
oTaking care of the family was a Confucian relationship in filial-piety
-The power of women, however, deteriorated and they were seen more as objects
2. What are Tang and Song achievements? (U8D8)
-Tang Dynasty invented the mechanical clock
oThis helped organization, and they could organize trade
oIt would help with scheduling activity
oThe clock helped unify the dynasty
-Song Dynasty created gunpowder (900)
oGunpowder was first used in fireworks
o1300’s: Mongols brought gunpowder to the west through the silk road
o1600’s: Guns and artillery start
3. How did the Mongols build such a large empire? (U8D9)
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