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Lecture 10

HIST-UA 157 Lecture 10: What are the significant areas in Africa for trade

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1. What are the significant areas in Africa for trade? (U8D1)
-Sudan/Nubia were important in iron trade
-Ethiopia was important in gold trade
-Mali was important in gold trade\
-Congo was important in diamond trade
-Zimbabwe was important in diamond trade
2. Where is Meroe located? (U8D1)
-Meroe is on the northwestern coast of Africa, by the western desert (in the Sudan
-Near Ancient Egypt, which accounted for Egyptian influences
-Located by the Western Desert, Nile River, Mediterranean Sea, and Red Sea
3. What are characteristics of Meroe civilization? (U8D1)
-Meroe was constantly threatened by an attack from the north
-Part of Meroe was Egyptian (under Ptolemy II)
-The Meroe people were literate and had an alphabet  lead to them being
powerful because they were educated and sophisticated
-Iron production was important to the Meroe people (used in architecture, farming,
and weapons)
oAlso, they would trade iron with neighbors --> lead to wealth
4. What did the gold and salt trade bring to West African trading empires?
-Trade lead to economic prosperity as well as new religious thoughts
-In Ghana, trade started the growth of Islam
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