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HIST UA 651- Purity Notes

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Jonathan Zimmerman

Us vs ThemWhite males Jacksonianism vs Indians African Americans Women alcoholics slaveownersSoutherners Catholics MormonsWhite males are voters citizensFor all white men to be equal no one must be equal to the white manPresidents before Andrew Jackson were Virginian slave owners and Rich BostoniansJackson called himself more similar to the common manmarketed John Quincy Adams more similar to the aristocracyJackson had the reputation as a fighter duels against the Indiansruthless killer yet also adopted Indian child because he saw Indians as stronger and more nobleMore white men could vote less property restrictionshad to appeal to the common white manAmericans attempted to civilize 5 Indian tribesadopt western dress christianity written language etcbut they try to separate from America with their own declaration of independencethen gold is discovered lottery opens for Georgian land for white menIndians are moved from the South Georgia and Florida past the Mississippi River Trail of TearsAfraid to remove slavery because then blacks would be equal to the white menGender separation classmomhome matriarchal No such thing as a true self made manwomen create community that fosters growthhome created by women is the safe haven from the hardships of the self made manwomen hold power over
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