UGPH GU 10- Lifecourse Perspective

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Media, Culture & Communication
MCC-UE 1040
Danielle Ompad

health status at any age reflects both contemporary conditions and prior living circumstanceslifelong adaptive process that builds on prior experiences with environmentdevelopmental trajectories shaped byhistorical periodsocial economic work political technologyfamilyhousehold environmentstatus beliefs are transmitted through social interactionsstructure of social tiessocial integrationexistence quantity and frequency of contactsocial networkslinkages between an individual and their networksocial contacts of a group of personsnumber types densitycontent of social tiessocial support emotionally sustaining qualities of relationshipsthe resources that social contacts provideemotional instrumental practical support negative interactionstress challenges and difficulties within relationshipssocial norms theory cultural norms work on behavior via social influence at the individual level and social networks levelrole of perceived social or peer norms perhaps most researcheddifference between actual and perceived social normssocial identity theory connected to personal identity theory whereby individuals engage in behavior that will bring them closer to their idealized selfpeople engage in behavior in order to change or maintain their own selfconceptbehavior that challenges their selfconcept
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