UGPH GU 10- Biomedical Basis of Chronic Disease

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Media, Culture & Communication
MCC-UE 1040
Danielle Ompad

chronic diseasesleading causes of death and disability in present daymultiple causes and risk factorslong period of onsetpossibility of secondary preventionimportance of animal modelscardiovascular diseaseartherosclerosis heart disease strokeplague buildup begins at an early age esp in USAamerican diet raises risk diet exercise smoking genetics etc all affect risklower cholesterol level is betterLDL low is betterHDL high is betterwidespread use of statins for secondary preventionstatins drugs that reduce fats and cholesterol in the bloodhypertension high blood pressurerisk factor for cardiovascular diseaseessential hypertension has no known causeobesity smoking stress may be risk factorsrole of salt14090 is considered borderline high blood pressurenormal is below 12080secondary prevention is effe
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