UGPH GU 10- Biomedical Basis of Public Health

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Media, Culture & Communication
MCC-UE 1040
Danielle Ompad

bacteria tuberculosis cholera typoid tetanus dephtheria dysentery syphilis streptococci staphylococciviruses smallpox poliomyelitis hepatitis AIDS measles rabies yellow feverparasites malaria cryptosporidiosis roundworms tapeworms hookworms pinwormschain of infection pathogeninfectious agentreservoirplace of exitmode of transmissionport of entrysusceptible hostpathogenfight with antibioticsreservoirfight with vector control ie eliminating standing bodies of water to get rid of mosquitospace of exitfight with contact tracing contact those who may have been exposedmode of transmissionfight with quarantine hand washingport of entryfight with condoms bed netssusceptiblefight with vaccinesmodes of transmissionaerosol airborne transmissiontouching contaminated object fomites and putting hands to mouth nose or eyescontaminated water or food fecaloral routevectors ie mosquitos rats tics etcsexual contacteradicationpossible if no non human reservoir and vaccine existssmallpox eradicated in 1977next polio measlespolio only remains endemic in afghanistan niger
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