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Nursing – Undergraduate

CommunityPublic Health NursingDeterminants of healthwhich is the greatest How is money spent related to health What is the goal of public health nursingHealthpopulations at risk upstream What are the unique features of public health Two ways to define Community Geopolitical and Phenomenological What is the concept of social justice as it pertains to CPHN How are public health and community health different Primary vs Secondary vs Tertiary Prevention What are the three core functions of CPHN What are the essential services that comprise the core functions wheelEBP Public HealthAdvances in life span since 1900 can mostly be attributed to whatpublic health advances Ten Great Public Health Achievements US 19001999 MMWR 4812 241243 Vaccination Motor vehicle safety Safer workplaces Control of infectious diseases Decline in deaths from coronary heart disease and stroke Safer and healthier foods Healthier mothers and babies Family planning Flouridation of drinking water Recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard How do we know that a public health intervention is evidence based When is EBP warranted Levels of Evidence I II1 II2 II3 III What is a community guide vs a systematic reviewHealth PromotionRisk ReductionWhat is risk What criteria must exist for something to be a risk factor What are some types of risks What are some ways to reduce risk How does the public perceive risks based on various influences or causes How can risks be reduced and health promotedHistory of Community HealthFlorence Nightingales theory of nursing concepts John Snow 18131858 Discovered that cholera may originate in contaminated water Encouraged ha
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