BIO 111 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Occludin, Apoptosis, Phloem

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14 Oct 2016

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Major component of certain parts of plants and animals. Linked to proteins to form proteoglycans. Attract positive ions and water resist compression. Protective cell wall outside the plasma membrane. Stronger, thicker and more rigid than ecm in animals. Adhere to cells to each other and to the ecm. Animal cells have a more varied group of junctions. Attach cells to each other and to ecm. Linked to actin on the inside: adherins junctions. Between plasma membranes of cells at this type of junction. Cement cell walls of adjacent cells together. Pectin (main part that makes the cement) Different in that they are open channels. Tissues: group of cells having similar structure or function. Organ: two or more tissues that perform specific function(s) Basic cell processes to form tissues and organs: cell division, cell growth, differentiation, migration, apoptosis correct morphology, cell connections communication.