COM 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Caffeine, Communication Apprehension, Systematic Desensitization

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Published on 13 Sep 2016
Types of Communication
INTRApersonal- occurs within the self (thinking, assigning meaning to messages and
INTERpersonal- occurs between 2 individuals
Group- occurs between 3+ people, involves a leader
Public- occurs between speaker and audience
Mass- society wide communication (large audience, uses technology) i.e. Oprah talks
about her favorite book
Most audience members are not known to the sender (not everyone knows
Most moving messages (ex: through tv and radio)
Receives the lowest amount of feedback
Big IDEA: the bigger the form of communication, the less feedback
Smcr model of communication
A model used to explain the process of communication
Consists of Source (encodes/originator) message (information conveyed) channel (5
senses) and receiver (decodes)
Includes encoding and decoding
Overcoming noise (could be actual noise, language barrier)
Async Feedback is when the source sends a message and the receiver can not send a
response back. (Oprah can talk to you through the tv, you can't talk to Oprah through the tv)
External noise- perceived by the senses (actual noise)
Internal noise- within the speaker (when someone is thinking about something else while
you’re talking. That little voice in your head is too loud) ( biological changes, feelings of
nervousness, negative changes)
Semantic noise- misunderstanding between speaker and audience due to culture,
language, or pronunciation. (a french speaker trying to speak to a chinese speaker)
Public speaking is listed as one of the top fears (it's a condition)
Glosso (tongue in greek) phobia (fear or dread)
Associated with stage fright or social anxiety
JFK, Andrea Bocelli (HE'S BLIND!) and others struggled with this condition
General Adaptation Syndrome
Alarm stage- your body releases chemicals with produce fight or flight sensation within
you. Symptoms may occur:
increased heart way
thickening speech (decreased saliva)
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find more resources at
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