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Exam question of the day: hindsight bias  Senses and experiences o Must see something to believe it o Example: the earth is flat o Can’t rely on senses  Don’t see something you’re not looking for  Azulejos, awareness test, dragon’s head  Scientific method o The daily show o Galileo o Chicken soup: ancient cold remedy  Greek treatise to treat various respiratory issues  Jewish penicillin o Hypothesis  Based on facts, maybe not true, but educated o Design experiment o Conduct experiment and collect data o Confront hypothesis, stats o Communicate results  Goals of Science  What is a theory? o Not a guess, well supported explanation for explanation of observations  Theoretical stimulus and response o Operational definition  Make something you can’t see, something you can  How you define theoretical concept  Can measure it in some way  Self control example • Fast for 8 hours • Don’t eat the cookies/radishes  Independent and Dependent variables o Independent- the researcher controls; independent of the participant’s control; variable because it has at least 2 levels or groups  Ie: video game o Dependent- the effect  Prof. Albert Badura o Bobo dolls o What effect do aggressive role models have on people? o Showed that kids were more aggressive and imitated the model  What makes a theory good? o Falsifiable- can be tested and rejected  Scientists can never prove that something is true; they can prove that something is false  The more test a theory survives, the more likely it is true (likely never 100%) o Predictive accuracy- it can reliably predict behavior  You think you know someone o Internal consistency- there are no logical inconsistencies among the constructs o Economy-  Explain with simplest terms o Fertility- spawns other research  Theory and Hypothesis o Difference?  Theories are general, hypotheses are specific  Hypotheses derived from theories  Multiple hypotheses can be derived from a theory  Randomization o Random assignment: random is each person has an equal chance of being in each group  Decide group by flipping a coin/ roll die o Random select
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