COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Theory Of Reasoned Action, Ath

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Lecture Seven
Functions of Attitudes
Attitudes can serve different functions for different people
Functional theory- a persuasie essage is ost likel to hage a idiidual’s attitude he
the message is directed at the underlying function the attitude serves
1. Social identity- who you are, what you aspire to be
2. Value expressive- express core attitudes and beliefs
3. Ego defensive-unconscious anticipation of unpleasant emotions
4. Knowledge- how we make sense of the world
5. Utilitarian- get rewards/ avoid punishments
E. 1/3 of ou ill fail this lass hat is the likelihood that ou ould drop
6. Social adjustive- what we do to be accepted
Ex. Watching a show that your friends like
How can we use these functions when crafting a persuasive message?
Aim it to your directed audience and it can help you be more persuasive
Ex. Diamond ads aimed at women vs diamond ads aimed at men
Repel/ boomerang the nontarget audience
Could target the wrong function
are attitudes always consistent with behaviors?
They are not, ex. You know chocolate is bad for you but you eat it anyways
Behaior o’t ath futio
Situational Factors
the context exerts a powerful impact on behavior
ex. Behavior you should exhibit at funerals and weddings
norm- a idiidual’s elief aout the appropriate ehaior i a situatio
individuals may hold an attitude, but choose not to express because it would violate social
norms vary across culture
ex. Cookie table in Pitt.
Behavior is based on culture and where you are
Roles are parts that we perform in everyday life
Socially prescribed functions
Roles are parts that we perform in everyday life
Roles also influence attitude- behavior relationship
When people take on a professional role, they have to act the part, putting their biases aside
Characteristics of the Person
Individuals differ in the extent to which they find themselves
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