COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Critical Role, Jargon, Antibody

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Published on 2 Feb 2017
Lecture Nine
Changing Attitudes and Behaviors
Historical Foundations
Yale Model
Who said what, to whom, with what effect
To be persuaded, individuals have to attend to, comprehend, learn, accept, and retain the
The more people learn and comprehend the message, the more likely they are to accept and
advocate for it in the future
Cognitive Response Approach
Asserts that people’s o etal reactios to a essage play a critical role i the persuasio
Ex. Pro-arguments, counterarguments, thoughts that a. originate with the message b. creatively
elaborate of the message c. irrelevant to the message
Occurs when a persuader warns people that they will soon be exposed to a persuasive
couicatio I hae a idea..
Individuals generate a large number of counter arguments, strengthening their opposition to the
advocated position
Reduces the likelihood that a subsequent persuasive communication will succeed
People are distracted from paying attention to communication with which they would usually
Elaboration likelihood model (ELM)
The model tells us when people should be particularly likely to elaborate
Elaboration: amount of thinking receiver engages in about the content of a message
Central and peripheral
Central Route- high elaboration, think a lot about this message, characterized by considerable
cognitive elaboration, carefully evaluate message arguments
Ponder communicators idea
Relate information to own knowledge and values
Ex. College students are more likely to pay attention to free tuition ads
Peripheral Route- low elaboration, examine message quickly or focus on simple cues to help
decide whether to accept the position advocated in message
Physical appeal
Speaking style
Which route should you choose?
Motivation- how much the receiver wants to elaborate on (or process) the message
Ability- how capable the receiver is to elaborate on the persuasive message
Some Factors that affect motivation
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