COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Educational Entertainment

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Multimedia Persuasion
Narrative Engagement
Entertaining education (edutainment)- when educational messages are disguised within
Entertainment writers work with different groups to incorporate pro-social messages into their
storylines responsibly
ho do I do this ithout reakig storlie or haraters
Reducing Reactance
What do you do when you think someone is preaching at you or judging you?
Overcoming resistance model
Elements of Model
Social cognitive theory
Extended elaboration likelihood mood
Identification and Transportation
When we are transported into the story we completely lose ourselves and what is going on
around us
where do we go?
We take on the character we identify with and assume their goals, actions, and role in the story
If one finds themselves identifying with a character in a show, are they more likely to be easily
persuaded with possible concepts that the show could provide
We take o a harater etall ad help the through their problems
Social Cognitive Theory
We learn socially, by observing models
Television/movie/video game characters model behaviors and we learn from their outcomes
The cognitive sub process motivation is the most important here
We are motivated by what we expect the outcome to be and how likely/able the characters are
to experience the expected outcome
Along with motivation, self-efficacy is key
Self-efficacy is the perceived ability to behave or change behaviors
If people ate motivated so much by viewing healthier lifestyles and seeing people accomplish
goals on television, why is the obesity still rising?
E. Biggest loser, other people do’t hae the sae self-efficacy
E-ELM (extended ELM)
Remember the elm (central and peripheral processing guided by motivation and ability)
Now add engagement or in other words, transportation and identification
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find more resources at
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