COMM 2367H Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Implicit Stereotype, Double Negative

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Lecture Thirteen
Survey Questions
Gut-man scale: goes from the easiest thing to accept to the most difficult to accept
Used on controversial topics
Need to answer yes to one question in order to answer the next one
Answers are based on previous answer
Strong attitudes will fill out the beginning and end
Weakness: guiding participants into certain answers
Difficult to write because they need to find the perfect jump between questions
Semantic Differential: used to be used to look at feelings
Assumes that we have two bipolar opposites in opinions and feelings
Feelings can be co-activated, might not necessarily be complete opposites
Why are the dots in between the two options?
They are not numbered because researchers try not to guide them and rank options over one
Bipolar outliers
Likert Type Scale: agee, stogly agee, disagee, et.
Most surveys use this scale
Easier to easy the opinions that are co-activated
3, o eutal, tuly eas that you ight ot ko aythig aout the topi which is not truly
It is okay to put a I do’t ae o I do’t ko
Other ways to gather data
Indirect Method
Observing people and what they do
Ex. Crutch girl outside of the movie theater, rom com vs. horror film
Timing how long it took to help
Social norms
How much trash is on the ground
Implicit methods
IT, try to test your implicit bias
Ex. Racial
Research studies
Try to get your true response, not guiding your response
Good techniques
No double negative
Do’t ask oerly politically correct answers
Want socially biased response
find more resources at
find more resources at
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