EEOB 2520 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Mechanoreceptor, Inner Ear, Axon Terminal

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Somatosensory system --> very fast but not as detailed. More than just what the skin provides, also gets info from muscle and how much they are working (stretched and their temperature) also from your tendons and joints and bones. All are same time of information as when we think of sense of touch. It is more of an ancient kind of system. Not as detailed, but receive the information quickly. Get quick information about things like temperature/pressure (thermo/ mechanoreceptors) we want to know these things quickly, don"t care about its details. Want to know if there is pressure that is coming that will damage our skin, tendon, muscles, etc. The degree of detail is not as important as the speed. Ex: when sick, we have achy muscles and joints- not about pain and damage in muscles, its picking up on the huge amount of immune system communication going on.