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Lecture 12

ENGLISH 4520.01 Lecture 12: 11.4.2016

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ENGLISH 4520.01
Karen Winstead

11.4.2016 “Master Heldris of Cornwall” Heldris of Cornwall • He is pro-Even, BUT o His favor is self-interested -- Evan is generous, pays minstrels (and everyone else as well), and the narrator is VERY much in favor of generosity o Discrepancy between what the narrator says and what he shows • He is pro-Nature o Is his confidence similarly misplaced? • Not entirely untrustworthy • Heldris the author doesn’t make it easy on us Falling in Love • Well-chosen words • Mutual consent • Delight in speech • Grows from small beginnings, as long as lovers are together Heldris of Cornwall • Language suggests the poem originated in Picardy, not Cornwall • “Heldris” is almost certainly a pseudonym • Geoffrey of Monmouth, History of the Kings of England o Cador, Duke of Cornwall, kills Cheldricus; his son succeeds King Arthur Silence A woman with a gender-neutral(ish) name
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