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Lecture 10

ENGLISH 4520.01 Lecture 10: 10.26.2016

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Ohio State University
ENGLISH 4520.01
Karen Winstead

10.26.2016 Min-Rant by Prof. Winstead: THERE IS NO GENDER DIVISION IN BEOWULF Women in Beowulf Diplomats, Counselors, Power-brokers, Fighters, Leaders Victims - Survivors *If we teach, many of our students will only get our version of Beowulf. Make a case for why the typical interpretation of women as useless or meaningless is wrong.* Women in Early Medieval Literature Old English Old Irish Old Norse Alison Bechdel “Bechdel-Wallace Test” Popular Culture Lack of women leads in popular culture “Why not Harriet Potter?” “The main question that is worth asking… is not “is it true?” but “what does it mean?”... what matters greatly is what people believe happened in history.” • Using the past to shape a certain view of the present Troubadours and Trobairitz The Conventions of Fin Amor Courtly Love • Occitania o Area of southern france • Troubadours o Inventers of courtly love • Fin ‘amor o Adulterous o All-consuming o Inspiring o Debilitating, emasculating, infantilizing • Andreas Capellanus, Art of Courtly Love o Important book about the rules in courtly love The Troubadour Corpus • Flourished in the courst of Occitania from the late 12th century to the early 14th century o Langue d’oc (Old Provencal/Old Occitan) o Langue d’oil • About 2000 poems or songs written by about 400 known poets • Courtly poetry • Authors of walks of life -- poor knights and humble craftsmen to great lords • About 20 of the poets were women (trobairitz) Occitania • Southern France The Making of Troubadour Celebrities • Two types of songs o Vida: account of a troubadour’s life o Razo: account of a song’s composition Vida of Jaufre Rudel • Noble man • Fell in love with the Countess of tripoli without seeing her, only hearing of her • Composed poems for
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