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Lecture 6

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 6: Book II Canto vi

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Sarah Neville

Book II, canto vi Notes written by: Jamie Smith Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): Cymochles is learning that a life of pleasure is bad. Cymochles finds Phaedria laughing at her own jokes, and convinces Cymochles to get in her boat without Atin. They sail around Idle lake and discover they both serve Acrasia. On idyllic island, Cymochles falls asleep and Phaedria whispers him into a drugged state to ignore worry and responsibility. Phaedria leaves Cymochles on the island and gets Guyon on her boat without Palmer, but Guyon can’t be tempted by her. Once awake, Cymochles attacks Guyon until Phaedria can stop them. Phaedria takes Guyon back to the shore where she found him. Guyon exits the canto with Palmer, when Atin sees and struggles to help Pyrochles being burned by Furor in the distant water. Archimago shows up to save the day with a spell that relieves Pyrochles of Furor’s control. New characters introduced: • Phaedria, who floats around in a self-directed boat, laughing at her own jokes. o Described in, but not named until o “foolish humour” characterization implies wanton idleness or
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