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Lecture 6

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 6: Book II Canto v

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Ohio State University
Sarah Neville

Book II, canto v Notes written by: Shannon Sisco Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): Pyrrhochles appears and begins to attack Guyon, they battle but it is clear that Guyon can’t be beat by him. Eventually Guyon gets him on the ground but he cries for mercy which Guyon decides to grant him if he pledges allegiance to him. Pyrrhocles is ashamed and Guyon tells him not to be. He asks Guyon about why he has chained up an old woman (Occasion) and her son (Furor), Guyon tells him he can do what he likes and then Pyrrhocles releases them. Guyon has defeated them once and is immune to them but they attack Pyrrhocles who begs Guyon to save him. The Palmer counsels him not to and they decide to leave. Atin, thinking Pyrrhocles is dead, goes to the Bower of Bliss to find Cymochles (Pyrrhocle’s brother) who is there with his lady, Acrasia. Cymochles is only able to resist the Bower of Bliss after Atin challenges him which breaks the spell s he heads off to avenge his brother. New characters introduced: • None Old characters returning: • Pyrrhocles - Cymochles’ brother • Guyon - Knight of Temperance • Occasion - Mother of Furor
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