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Lecture 3

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 3: Book I Canto ix

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Sarah Neville

Book I, canto ix Notes written by: Logan Householder Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): After defeating Duessa, Arthur, Redcrosse, and Una ride off together. Arthur explains that he is of a noble birth and rightfully a prince. This raises questions for Redcrosse and Una, who ask what brought him to Faery land. Arthur doesn’t give a very straightforward answer at first, instead telling them that he thinks fate brought him here. Eventually he explains that he is also searching for the Faerie Queene herself to cure his lovesickness. Shortly afterwards, Arthur departs and gives Redcrosse a gift. As Redcrosse and Una ride away, they encounter a fleeing knight named Trevisian. Redcrosse stops Trevisian and asks him why he is fleeing. Trevisian then explains that he is fleeing Despair, who had just caused a fellow knight to take his own life. This troubles Redcrosse, who demands to be shown the way to Despair in order to defeat him. When they arrive, Redcrosse finds Despair to be an old man sitting in a cave who tries to convince him to take his own life. Despair argues that Redcrosse sins greater and greater every day, so it’s best if he just ends his life before he makes it worse. Ultimately, Redcrosse needs Una to save him and Despair hangs himself. New characters introduced: • Trevisian- Is seen riding fast towards the crew while looking behind him (I.ix.21). Mimics some characteristics of the Redcrosse before his fall in canto vii. Reveals that he is fleeing Despair and offers to take the Redcrosse back to fight him. • Despair- A cunning and deceptive old man who lives in a cave. Is introduced to Redcrosse via Trevisian, who hopes that he will defeat Despair. Instead, Despair nearly convinces Redcrosse to take his own life by convincing him that he is straying too far from the path and it is better to prevent himself from straying any further. Despair hangs himself at the end of the canto, but death has no effect on him (I.ix.54). • Terwin- Appears I.ix.27.3. Is Trevisian’s former companion who gave into Despair. He was
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