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Lecture 8

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 8: Book II Canto xi

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Sarah Neville

Book II, canto xi Notes written by: Dylan Bias Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): After their book-reading sleepover, Guyon and Palmer bid Arthur farewell, and leave. Then that familiar horde of raiders conveniently returns, and yet again lays siege to the castle. Seeing how this bums Alma out, Arthur rides out to fight the rabble rousers. They pester him for a bit, but it’s not until Malegar appears that the true battle begins. He rides up ragged looking and to his either sides are his wicked hag ladies, Impotence and Impatience. Arthur fights the three of them, and at one point our perfect prince is thrown to the ground. It’s not until Timias saves him that the battle starts to wind down. Subduing the hags, Arthur properly fights Maleger. Slicing him up does no good, so he suplexes the skeleton and throws him in a lake, problem solved. One hag books, the other kills herself, and Arthur rides back to Temperance for some RNR. New characters introduced: • Maleger: A sort of zombie warlord, leads hordes against the House of Temperance. Physically skeletal and lacking blood to bleed, he is unkillable by the sword or lance. Instead, he is defeated when Arthur suplexes him then tosses his body into the lake. Since being on earth gives him a constant source of restorative power, death in the lake is final • Impotence & Impatience: The two crazy grandmothers of Maleger, or just two crazy women who follow him around. Much like Occasion, these hags spur on Maleger with their maddening behavior, at one point pinning Athur to the ground during the battle. But, they’re defeated along with Maleger, though instead of being thrown into the lake, one runs off screaming while the other killers herself Old characters returning: • Alma - Head of Ho
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