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Lecture 2

ENGLISH 4522 Lecture 2: Book I Canto iv

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Sarah Neville

Book I, canto iv Notes written by: Katelyn Duemmel Notes edited by: Summary (100-150 words max): Duessa and Redcrosse approach and enter the House of Pryde. The path is well trodden, signifying many people visit the House of Pryde. After Luciefera welcomes the pair, she leads a procession of six counsellors, symbolizing the deadly sins. These counsellors are: Idlenesse, riding an ass; Gluttony, riding a swine; Lechery, riding a goat; Avarice, riding a camel; Envy, riding a wolf; and Wrath, riding a lion. The appearance of each counsellor matches their respective name. Sansjoy notices that Redcrosse has Sansfoy’s shield in his possession. Furious that Redcrosse murdered Sansfoy, Sansjoy challenges Redcrosse after the procession. The two knights begin fighting one another. Lucifera commands them to stop fighting and resume their battle in the morning. After nightfall, Duessa meets Sansjoy and professes her love for him. New characters introduced: • Maluenu – the House of Pryde’s porter (I.iv.6.4). • Lucifera – the lady of the House of Pryde, and the queen of Hell. Her name is derived from Lucifer. She is Pluto and Proserpina’s daughter, although she claims she is Jove’s daughter (I.iv.11.1-6). She serves as a contrast to Gloriana. • Vanitie – one of Lucifera’s servants who leads Redcrosse and Duessa to Lucifera’s throne (I.iv.13.3-4). • Idlenesse – one of Lucifera’s counsellors who rides an ass. He wears a black habit and resembles a monk (I.iv.18.6-9). He is associated with vagrancy. • Gluttony – the second counsellor to Lucifera who rides a swine. (I.iv.21.1-4). He is huge and deformed. • Lechery – the third counsellor to Lucifera who rides a goat. He is described as black and dirty. Women find him pleasing (I.iv.24.1-6). As his name implies, he lusts after others. • Avarice – the fourth of Lucifera’s counsellors who rides a camel. Many treasures are laden on the camel. His name implies his selfish nature (I.iv.27.1-5). • Envy – Lucifera’s fifth counsellor who rides a wolf. He cries since he does not possess Avarice’s gold (I.iv.30.1-9). Envy carrie
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