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Lecture 3

HISTART 2002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Vanishing Point, Private Library, Secularism

History of Art
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Shelton Andrew

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Lecture 3: The Divine Raphael
Ghirlandaio: Giovanna Tornabuoni Da Vinci: Mona Lisa
Costume more embellished/details/more
Costume plain, dark colors, all one material
Backed by an interior setting, shelf
(background has symbolic meaning)
Backed by a fantastical landscape
Side profile view, exclusive Face-on view, eyes are more inviting
Aristocratic: elaborate hair, not looking, long
Wealthy, but no indication of social status,
not what it’s about
Flat modeling in face Recognize individuality, character, personality
Flat looking, blank stare, dead pan look Atmosphere incases figure
Expression: stares straight ahead, has no
interest in audience
Expression: enigmatic (mysterious) quality of
expression-hard to read
Inscription in background: “if art could depict
character and soul no painting on earth
would be more beautiful”
Mona Lisa appears more beautiful
^^ picture lacks character and soul? Picture shows a lot of character and soul
Jean-Auguste-Dominique: The death of Leonarde da
Vinci, 1818
died in king’s arms –noble honor
Raphael: Self-portrait, 1506
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Raphael: marriage of the virgin, 1504
Rods sprout= marry Mary
Shows anger through breaking rod – difficult pose
Informed by juvenile seriousness- show off his learning in this
Linear perspective
Patterns of paving stone in court yard to plot out orthogonal
Temple is vanishing point and takes up background
Shows aerial perspective through mountains in distance
Shows role of virgin
Characterized by ease and grace (in figure of virgin)
Raphael: Baldassare Castiglione, 1514
Castiglione wrote: The Book of Courtier- everything you do should
seem effortless
Never let them see you struggle/strain/work
Very contained and dignified
Sober expression looking at us…self-possessed expression
Very wealthy but soberly dressed
Elegant understatement
Almost looks like a photograph-high degree of detail (face, hair)
Raphael: Madonna in the Meadow, 1505
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