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Lecture 8

HISTART 2002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Pope Urban Viii, Organicism, Stained Glass

History of Art
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Shelton Andrew

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Lecture 9/19
Albrecht Dürer, The Last Supper, 1523, woodcut
Albrecht Dürer, Four Apostles, 1526, Munich
One of his last completed works
In remembrance and respect of city father’s wisdom
Religious and political content
St john, St peter, St mark, St Paul (Left to right)
Oil on panel painting – allowed bright and luminous coloristic effects,
high resolution details, developed in north
Light & shade in drapery folds  hard to get sense of body underneath
 copy of Michelangelo’s creation of God in painting with David?
St John holding bible open to I John 1:1- emphasis on word of God
St Paul makes eye contact with viewer – warning people deviating
from Protestantism
Council of Trent – church officials got together to answer and
defend the accusations against the catholic religion made by the protestants- especially
religious imagery. The embodiment of counter-reformation.
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Self-Portrait, circa 1635, Florence, Uffizi
Child prodigy
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