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Lecture 9

HISTART 2002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Orgasm, Counter-Reformation

History of Art
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Shelton Andrew

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Recitation 9/23
Durer, The Last Supper
11 disciples
Created after Judas left
Focus: Christ and John
Emphasize divine love and intimate relationship
Deemphasize role of church and role of Eucharist (communion)
Woodcut – flat, shallow space, emphasis on surface of detail
Can see construction of table
Surficial detail is important
Leonardo, The Last Supper
St. Peter is depicted as higher ranking disciple
Focuses on structure of this painting
Table is abstract- not much detail, can’t see
under it, separates us from the painting
Focus is place on underlying structure
Durer, Adam and Eve
surface realism
can see small details
human body
Durer, The Four Apostles
Political and religious statement
(L to R) John, Peter, Mark, Paul
Emphasis on bible (protestants believe bible is source of enlightenment rather
than church)
St. Peter holds golden key  resembles entrance to kingdom of heaven
Mark and Paul look irritated/upset/defensive
Protestant vs. Catholic  continental war
Warn people who want to deviate from Protestantism
Tension between two religious groups
1450s: printing press is invented
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