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Lecture 18

HISTART 2002 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Exemplum, Tennis Court, Angelica Kauffman

History of Art
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Shelton Andrew

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Lecture 10/26
Jacques-Louis David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784
(compare w Raphael, School of Athens)
Similar to Italian renaissance paintings
Displayed at a Salon
Spatial clarity
Boxy, stage-like stage
Non decorative architecture
Figures in immediate foreground
Tells story of Horatii of brothers Rome is about to go to
war with Alba, instead of sending thousands to war,
have 2 sets of 3 brothers fight each other.
Two families about to fight each other are connected by
marriage both will suffer no matter who wins
High tragedy, drama
Exemplum virtutis example of virtue
Only men are motivated by patriotism women are grieving, thinking of familial happiness
Composition radically dis-unified David violates rule of unity
Suggests that Patriotic duty is innate in males (see child in back)
Men have very defines muscles, women almost look fake, too smooth
Materializes his paint
Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Marie-Antoinette, 1784
Most hated people demonized her
Uncontrollable sexuality adultery, lesbianism, incest
Spent a lot on herself
David, Tennis court oaths, 1791, Salon
Called in estates general
Oath they on’t follo king’s orders and disband until a
written constitution has been established in France
Couldn’t on property, no oting, aren’t citizens, couldn’t
congregate in streets in groups of 5+
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