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Lecture 9

SOCIOL 4511 Lecture 9: Schools and Delinquency (03.30)

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Soc 4511 Schools and Delinquency March 30 April 4 I. Why are schools so important? A. Large part of waking hours in school B. Number of years in school has increased over time C. Spend time with friends D. Afterschool activities E. School primary determinant of economicsocial status E.1. What happens if you fail at school? II. Two questions about schools A. How do schools contribute to individual delinquency? B. What school characteristics are associated with higher rates of school crime? III. Delinquency Associated With A. Low academic progress B. Little school involvement C. Low school attachment D. Poor teacher relations E. Low educationaloccupational goals F. Dropping out IV. The School in Modern American Society A. Educational problems A.1. 1 of every 5 children unprepared to enter kindergarten A.2. 18 of children not familiar with basic rules of writing B. School funding B.1. Comes from property taxes C. Truancy and dropout remain high C.1. About 30 of U.S. students will not graduate from high school D. Strong link between low educational levels and risk of incarceration D.1. Only 40 incarcerated felons had 12+ years education compared with 80 of the general population V. How is school failure tied to delinquency? A. School failure causes delinquent behavior (not invested so nothing to lose) B. School failure leads to emotionalpsychological problems that cause antisocial behavior C. School failure and delinquency share a common cause (e.g., family experiences, selfcontrol, low IQ, drug use) VI. Correlates linked to school failure A. Personal problems A.1. Lack verbal skills; live in dysfunctional or conflictridden family B. Social class B.1. Children from lower social classes more likely to experience school failure C. Tracking 1
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