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Lecture 10

SOCIOL 4511 Lecture 10: Drug Use and Delinquency (04.06)

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Ohio State University

Soc 4511 Drug Use and Delinquency April 6 & April 11 I. Why concern about youth drug use? A. Human brain most susceptible to addiction B. Associated with delinquency C. Drug use fairly common among youth C.1. About ½ of high school seniors have tried drugs and 2/3 have used alcohol D. Substance abuse = use of drugs or alcohol in such a way as to cause physical harm to oneself II. Drug Use Today A. Three national surveys provide self-report evidence on drug use B. Monitoring the Future B.1. Drug use declined since peak in 1996 and 1997 B.2. Drop in alcohol use B.3. Drug in cigarettes B.4. Drop in opiate and heroin B.5. Adderall use remains high B.6. Marijuana use stable or small increase C. National Parents Resource for Drug Education (PRIDE) Survey C.1. Consistent to MTF C.2. Small to moderate reduction in drug activities C.3. Substantial decline over the last 10 years C.4. Less than 20% of students in grades 6 – 12 claimed to use drugs in the past year C.4.a. Down from 30% in mid-1990s D. National Survey of Drug Use and Health D.1. Drug and alcohol use has stabilized or declined D.2. Heavy drinking reported by 7% of youth 12+ D.3. 20% engaged in binge drinking E. High school students report easy to obtain marijuana F. Adderall use very common among college students G. Marijuana as a gateway drug G.1. 56% of illicit drug users report it was first drug they used G.2. Start using around 17 – 18 III. Current Trends A. E-cigarette use is increasing B. Heroin use (Ohio) C. Legalization of marijuana (Colorado) IV. Ohio Drug Problems A. Opioid addiction B. Why in Ohio? B.1. Highway system 1 Soc 4511 B.2. Boredom; poverty – rural areas V. Are Drug Survey Results Accurate?
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