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Lecture 2

WGSST 2230 Lecture 2: Week 2 - Hegemony

Women's, Gender&Sexuality Sts
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WGSST 2230
Denise Delgado

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Cultural studies uses feminist theory, Marxist theory, film criticism, ethnography, sociology,
history, etc. to discuss theoretical and political implication of texts
All have positive and negative effects
Twilight romanticizes stalking
How has artistic and textual production been shaped by our culture, shape us, and impacted
its field
Artistic creations are a collective activity
available and common.
Cultural Studies and Pop Culture
Much of how we understand texts is based off our own life experiences, politics, and
There are some readings feminists give more weight to
Reading a text
PC can and often reinforces
Lull defines "the power of dominance that one social group holds over others."
Figures into the worth of our artifacts. More exclusive = greater worth
Figures into daily lives, reinforced by texts
Media forges us
Learning to analyze and understand culture will help us to not be manipulated
The Birmingham group were the first to study the effects of culture
Cultural studies insists that culture be studied within how it is produced and consumed;
bound with society, politics, economics
Gets rid of distinctions such as high and low culture
Films inspire political movements, elections
British analyzed in historical context
Make inequalities and oppression subordination appear natural and just
Inform, resist, produce
Cultural studies focuses on ideology
Insert text into system of culture in which they are produced "political
By looking at the production you get a deeper view and understanding
Production and Political Economy of culture
Quantitative and qualitative analysis
Giving a rose = love, A = mastery
Semiotics analyzes signs
Critical methods to look by, perspective; Marxist = class, feminism = gender
Cultural Texts
Components of a Critical Cultural Studies
Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, and Media Culture
Week 2
Tuesday, August 30, 2016 07:07
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