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Lecture 21

ENG 3210 Lecture 21: American Lit 2.21

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ENG 3210
Paul Jones

"Poor Jane's Almanac" Margaret Fuller's "The Great Lawsuit" Fanny Fern's Ruth Hall Poor Jane's Almanac • Could there be a self made woman? • Options for women: o Governess (fewer in America) o Schoolteacher o Mother o Seamstress o Prostitute • Was she a success? o Success for a woman is seen when being a good mother o Does Jane do this? Can self-reliance and self-making be an option for women and what are some difficulties facing women? Margaret Fuller • Closest thing we have to a feminist theorist at this time in the U.S. • In some ways Miranda is like her own story o Her father educated her in an unusual way; she was never limited in opportunity thanks to this education o Became a school teacher early and started her political writing o Organzied women to allow them to talk about serious things like philosophy and politics, etc. ▪ Similar to salons in France, but exclusively for women ▪ Really believed that the female soul was not being spoken to or acknowledged • Gets hired by the Chicago Tribune and becomes one of the first international reporters • Writes her book o Inspires the feminist movement and Susan B Anthony • Implying the question of do the inalienable rights apply to women? o Makes the point that for most women they don’t have such liberties readily available to them • Compares women's position to slavery o Could be problematic, but she makes the claim that people are against slavery but ignore the issues facing women • Arbitrary barriers she speaks of o Women are the gender that feels; men are the gender that thinks o "Let them be sea captains" • Miranda o Brought up by her father to be educated and have serious thoughts and conversations (not a plaything, but a living mind) o Lucky she was not raised like most women, but most women COULD be raised this way and can find their place in the world o You need to be ruled from the inside (inside yourself) not from the ou
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