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Lecture 23

ENG 3210 Lecture 23: am lit 3.23

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ENG 3210
Paul Jones

Frederick Douglass • Previously everything we have read was written while slavery was commonplace and seen as a regular part of american life o Keep this in mind when considering any of the ideals that are presented o Slavery is an immediate contradiction to those ideals o Thomas Jefferson was an owner of human beings while he wrote "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" Events • 1845 – Douglass's narrative • 1770's – declaration of independence and other foundation documents • Missouri compromise – power that the 1820s on that the power between the non slave and slave states needs to be equal; missouri for maine Where does it embrace/articulate the American Ideals? • Though he was not always allowed to have them, he clearly believes that he is entitled • A slave who believes s/he deserves more is the ultimate example of self reliance • Why was it hard for people to connect slaves to revolutionary heroes o Suspicious bc they typically were uneducated by legal mandate in most locations o Requires the demonizing of the nation's own laws and practices
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