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Lecture 4

SASM 1010 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Commissioner Of Baseball, Html, Speed Bump

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Sports Administration/Sport Management
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SASM 1010

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1. SASM 1010: Professional (9/22)
Club vs. Franchise
1. Dallas Cowboys
1. Jerry Jones signed sponsorship agreement with Nike and Pepsi
2. League structure and operations, run by the people that own the
teams that compete against each other on the field
Playbooks and Checkbooks by Stefan Syzmanski
Bad sports by Dave Zinn
Office of the Commissioner
2. Absolute power to controlled power (e.g., Kennesaw Mountain
Landis and integration)
1. First Baseball Commissioner
1. 3 man ruling commission down to 1
2. fought integration until day he died (kept African American
people out) has immense power
3. Arbitration (3rd party that’s been given the power to make the
decision; ex: judge, Dick’s) and whose interest the commissioner
works for
4. Commissioner works for the owners, not the players
5. Fans of the World Unite
2. Trial of 7 former football officials and one former marketing
executive accused of corruption by the U.S Department of
3. Systemic problems
The bad gets reinforced into the cultural norms which brings us a step back
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find more resources at
6. All 5 of major leagues has collective bargaining agreements at the
same time
1. MLS; more money; no lockout; growing and could not afford
speed bump or else they would loose a lot of fan basis
2. NFL; ref and player lockout; summer time because no one really
looses money; 1982- scab players, heal over the wounds of
players on strike
3. NBA; loud and awful; had a shorter season
4. MLB; quick and quiet
5. NHL; cannot miss season or else they are out
7. Pg 239-241
8. Players Association (PA) – greater good
9. Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA)
1. Contracts, anti trust, intellectual property, labor, salary caps,
broadcast right issues, revenue distribution
10. Financial stability/ competitive balance/ restrictive balances (pg
239, league think)
1. Anti trust laws
11. Pgs. 253-255
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