HDFS 2113 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Phenotype, Mitosis, Twin

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Biological Beginnings
Chapter 2
Natural Selection and Adaptive Behavior
Natural Selection evolutionary process by which those individuals of a species that
are best adapted are the ones that survive and reproduce
Adaptive behavior promotes an organism’s survival in the natural habitat
Evolutionary Psychology
Emphasizes the importance of adaption, reproduction, and survival of the fittest in
shaping behavior
Evolutionary developmental psychology
o Interest has grown in using the concepts of evolutionary psychology to
understand human development
o Psychological mechanisms are domain-specific
Connecting evolution and life-span development
o Benefits conferred by evolutionary selection decrease with age
o Natural selection primarily operates during the first half of life
Older adults
o Weaken biologically
o Need culture-based resources
Cognitive skills, literacy, medical technology, and social support
o Evolution gave us biological potentialities but it does not dictate behavior
o People have used their biological capacities to produce diverse cultures
Aggressive and peace-loving, egalitarian and autocratic
o Studying specific genes in humans and other species and their links to traits
and behaviors
Best approach for testing ideas coming out of evolutionary psychology
The collaborative gene (important concept to be familiar with)
Human life begins as a single cell
Nucleus of each cell contains chromosomes
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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