MKTG 3213 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Customer Experience

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23 Aug 2016
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Marketing Ch 1 Lecture 2
-Relationship Marketing: build a strong relationship with customers for strong feedback. (Easy
to understand, hard to do)
-3M Example
-Post-it Notes were an accident but massive success
-they noticed that felt tip highlighters were also very popular for taking notes
-So they created the Pos-it Flag pen
-3M noticed separate markets for it’s new pen
-students and office workers
-They created different price, promotion, and placement strategies to suit both markets
-Appeared on the Oprah show
+History of Marketing
-At first was just focused on availability because of scarcity.
-Sales era started in the 1920’s
-Production era, sales era, marketing concept era, and (present day) customer relationship era
-Customer relationship management (CRM)
-Customer experience
-what firms think they offer customers
-what customers say they receive
-social responsibility
-societal marketing cconcept
+Who markets?
-Companies and organizations
+What is marketed?
-Products, services, and ideas
+Who buys and uses what is marketed?
-Ultimate Consumers
-organizational buyers
+Who Benefits?
-businesses –consumers – society –environment
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