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Lecture 26

SOC 1113 Lecture 26: April 24th

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Oklahoma State University
SOC 1113
Zac Carlisle

Final Exam over chapters 9-15 Exam review sheet on 5/3 A Sociological Approach to Media What are Media? • Media- from the Latin for “middle”- and mass media Media: The various technological processes that enable communication between the sender of a message and the receiver of that message Mass Media: Media that reach a relatively large and mostly anonymous audience What is mass media? This is publically available communication People who record music, create television programs, make films, or construct websites are hoping to reach large amounts of people Characteristics of Mass Media and New Media • Keu features of traditional mass media: o One-to-many communications o One-way communication o Anonymous receivers o Distinction between producers and audiences • New Media: Distinctions between producers and audiences blurred One-to-many communication: Allows for one form of communication to be delievered from one source to a large audience. Ex. Television, newspapers, films, etc. One-Way communication- Traditional forms of mass media are not interactive: they are one way. We cannot interact directly to television or music in a traditional way Anonymous receivers: Mass media generally has a known audience, but this media is directed to a group of anonymous receivers, Ex. The creators name is featured prominently, but those who are intended to consume the media are not displayed Distinction between producers and audiences: Audiences are generally individuals who view, read, or listen, while producers are professionals with a clear distincti
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