CHP 200 Lecture 1: CHP 390 US Healthcare Delivery - Syllabus -Summer 2017 (1)

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Old Dominion University
Community Health Professions
CHP 200
Ann Kopitzke

Dr. Deanne Shuman CHP 390 U.S. Health Care Delivery System Summer 2017 School of Community and Environmental Health CHP 390 U.S. Healthcare Delivery College of Health System Syllabus Sciences Course Dates and Times: May 15, 2017 August 4, 2017 Catalog Description: CHP 390 The U.S. Healthcare Delivery System. 3 Credits. The uniqueness of the U.S. healthcare delivery system will be explored in terms of a systems framework and its complexity. The basic characteristics that differentiate the U.S. healthcare delivery system from that of other countries will be presented. An understanding of the U.S. health care system has specific implications for health services managers. Prerequisite: CHP 200. Prerequisites: Admission to Old Dominion University and passing grade in CHP 200 with at least a grade of C. Instructor: Dr. Deanne Shuman, BSDH, MS, PhD, Professor Please send email anytime through the Blackboard course; this will get my attention faster than regular email message. If you call and I am not available, please leave a voice message and your telephone number. I do my best to respond to requests for assistance within 24 hours. Office Number: 7576834216thr Schools Main Office: 6835900 Office Location: 1014 W. 46 Street, Room 3031 Email Address: [email protected] Textbooks and Instructional Materiel: Required Textbook: Shi, L., Singh, D. (2017). Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System, Fourth Edition. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning 1
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