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Lecture 3

FIN 319 Lecture 3: Blog 3

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“Mortgage Panic as Rates Rise: Inflation Scare or the Real Deal?” 1. The main point of this article is that since the election, the mortgage rates have increased faster than they were in 2013. The author makes me believe that as of right now, there is nothing to worry about, and he states that the increase of the mortgage rate is used to scare people. 2. Unfortunately, I haven’t been following the markets since Trump has been elected, so I didn’t know that the mortgage rates were actually increasing. I believe that I heard from a friend that people thought the market was going to crash. 3. When I got near the end of the article, I became confused. I didn’t understand what the author meant when he stated that the market is ahead of itself. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I also didn’t understand what he was trying to tell the readers about the Fed. It was very difficult to understand. “Bizarro World: The 100 Percent LTV, 0 Rate Mortgage (Affordable Housing Crisis… Again) 1. The main point of this article is that in 1980, the mortgage rates were above 18%. As a result, there were 4 other mortgage products that were produced. As of right now, mortgage rates are extremely lower than what they were in the 1980s, but unfortunately, there is a mortgage affordability crisis. The crisis is due to increasing home prices and low wage growth. 2. The information that I found interesting in the article was that many fewer people are getting mortgages right now. While it does make since, it was very interesting to find out that it was true. Also, another thing that I thought was interesting was that the mortgage ra
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